A few "Slaying Dragons" articles by John Watkinson in (the former) "Resolution Magazine"

During many years John Watkinson wrote monthly articles in a series called "Slaying Dragons" in the (unfortunately now former) publication "Resolution Magazine". These often treated about long upheld myth in the audio industry. Below you will find a small selection of them, on subjects directly linked to sound reproduction and Loudspeakers. Of course, the views expressed herein are materialised in LEGEND precision sound reproducers.

March 2003   -   Getting the Bass right
Sept 2003   -   Crossovers
March 2012   -   The history of the loudspeaker
Nov 2012  -  Mics and Ears
March 2015  -  Linear Distortion
May 2015  -  Domes of Delight
August 2015  -  Fighting Change to the Death

LEGEND Precision Sound Reproducers by John Watkinson


”The Loudspeakers you don't hear”

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